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Our range of New Gourmet Casseroles..

Provincial Pork Shoulder (Garlic and Tomato based with fresh basil)

Marinated Spicey Beef  (Marinated in yoghurt and Morrocan spices)

Lamb Rogon Josh  (Spicy with aromatic spices..)

Classic French Beef Bourguinon (Rustic with, mushrooms, Shallots, bacon chunks and Red Wine..)

Italian Lamb Stew (Anchovies minced with garlic, and simmered till soft..)

Rustic Lamb Cassoulet  (Haricot Beans with local sausages, garlic and tomato)

Classic Chicken Chasseur  (Tarragon infused seared Chicken, white Wine Jus with mushrooms)

Spicey Lamb Tagine (Aromatic Moroccan Spices, Dried Fruit slow cooked and slightly Spiced)

Ratatouille  (Courgettes, Aubergines, Peppers, Roasted Red Onions slow cooked in Garlic & tomato)


And For Fish Lovers..

South West Fish Stew  (Mackerel, Dory, King Prawns (as available) cooked in Garlic, Saffron and Tomato)

SeaFood Linguine (Mussels, Local Crab and Tiger prawns cooked in White Wine,  and Cream)

Served a choice of  Basmati Rice, Exotic Couscous, Salad Leaves


Fresh Steamed Vegetables

We also can offer a choice of homemade puddings.




Our Casseroles are freshly prepared in advance, in our own kitchen and are delivered to your venue, in East Devon


 Please contact us for prices and details.